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Career Day


GW's second annual Career Day will be taking place March 9, 2023.

Due to last year's overwhelming success, we are encouraging volunteer presenters to register now.

We are looking for parent and community volunteers to participate and inspire our very own awesome future generation! We welcome you to share your talents and expertise with our enthusiastic students, considering your available time for commitment for the event. Gratitude, smiles and fun guaranteed!


HSA volunteers and GW staff will be on hand to assist your sessions and provide you with guidance and planning tools needed. Thank you for your support and we look forward to having you at GW!! 


Career Days expose students to a variety of careers and jobs by providing them with a realistic picture of the workplace. It helps students make the connection between school and the workplace.


The activities are structured to,

  • Enable students to begin identifying areas of career interest.

  • provide a setting where students can demonstrate their communication skills.

  • Support classroom preparation, including research on various industries and businesses.

  • Create opportunities for students to reflect upon the experience both verbally and in writing.


Each one hour period will comprise of,

  • 10 mins attendance/introduction (by teacher)

  • 20 mins presentation (by parent)

  • 10 mins career exploration activity

  • 10 mins Q and A session with students


I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.We would love for our GW parents, guardians, community and family members to help make this day a success by sharing their careers and life stories with our enthusiastic students. To volunteer, please fill out the form using link below,

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