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GW Green Team "Re-usable Lunchskins" Fundraiser

This year GW HSA initiated a Green Team at GW with an emphasis on developing and implementing environmentally friendly programs and practices. ​

We have a beautiful courtyard in the center of the school with raised beds and we would like to plant and maintain these beds with the help of GW students through the Green Team Club and the Community Service initiative.

Our Green Team Club has been very active and has accomplished various earth-friendly projects. To view them click below,

Please support our Lunchskins re-usable lunch and snack bag combo fundraiser below. All proceeds raised will support green initiatives at GW, including the planting of the courtyard vegetable garden.

Available in Zippered or Velcro and four stylish patterns to choose from including Geometric, Tree, Bear and Desert. You can also donate one to a teacher.

Lunchskins bags reduce single-use plastic pollution and promote a healthier lifestyle and planet!

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