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TIC TOC is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new arts program called TIC TOC Talks!


This speaking series profiles a plethora of creative careers, featuring professionals who share their insights in short video conversations and impart wisdom to students about how one pursues a creative career, what inspired them, and much more.  Sample careers include actress, theater owner, science fiction author, culinary artist, photographer, make-up artist, and artistic director.


Enjoy our premiere TIC TOC Talk by Dani Spies, host of a YouTube cooking show, blog and coaching platform. Her YouTube channel ( has more than 1.5 million subscribers.

Our second TIC TOC Talk by Dávid Lovas, motion creator and video animator!  Dávid specializes in non-narrative motion picture as a fine art medium.  As a video producer, he has created promotional videos and animations and directed many documentaries and music videos.  His video installations, often combined with performance and digital art, can be found in museums, galleries and corporate headquarters.

We hope you’ll join us in fueling interest in creative, art-related careers by sharing TIC TOC Talks with your middle school students!! (NOTE: Video editing internships available.)


For TIC TOC Talks, go to and email with any questions.

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