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Welcome to GW HSA,

The George Washington HSA is a non-profit organization comprised of parents/guardians of students, faculty and administration of George Washington Middle School. We help provide enriching experiences for our children and communicate interesting and important information to parents throughout the year.

Our Mission

The mission of the foundation is to provide for closer relationships among parents of children attending George Washington Middle School (GWMS) in Ridgewood, New Jersey and the teachers and administration of GWMS, to raise funds to enhance the educational opportunities of students attending GWMS and to foster and promote innovative approaches for excellence in education at GWMS.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board comprises of Officers of the Foundation and the Principal of GWMS.

Executive Board 2022-23

Co-Presidents - Lauren DiMaulo & Mark Bruno

Co-Treasurers - Jana Katcher & Katie Acevedo

Secretary - Carri Gregerson

Planning and Development - Catherine Doolan & Erin Katz

Volunteer Coordinator - Eileen Duff

Nominating -  Heather Zarnett & Michelle Stewart

HSA Meeting Dates 2020-21

HSA Meetings are held one Wednesday of each month at 1:30 pm. All parents are encouraged to attend. HSA meetings are a forum to provide interesting and important information to parents and guardians throughout the year. Please note that there will be no December or June meeting.

2022 Meeting Dates

September 21

October 19

November 16

2023 Meeting Dates

January 18

February 15

March 22

April 19

May 23

Committee Chairs

Beautification -

Birthday Books - Puja Nair

Book Fair - Alanna Shevak and Tasneem Patrawala

Career Day - Puja Nair 

Class of 2023 Fundraising (8th) 

Class of 2024 Fundraising (7th) 

Class of 2025 Fundraising (6th)  - Lauren DiMaulo

Class Parent Coordinator - Benita Kapadia

DEI Committee - Aaron Block, Kathleen Harris, Grace Kang, Terri Wiatrak & Rachel Ye

Directory - Marya Larkin

Directory AD Sales


Environmental Committee Kristen Daffron and Puja Nair 

Film Festival - Caroline Avakian

GW Cares - Vanessa Lee, Roopa Saggar and Michelle Stewart

Girls On The Rise - Shubha Mehrotra

Hospitality - Jen McCabe 

LSHSA Rep - Deirdre Scali

Media Center - Jennifer Szilva 

Redemption Programs - Lauren DiMaulo

School Supplies - Kim Salomon

Social Media Chair - Gokce Sezgin

Spirit Wear/ Chrome Book Covers - Lauren DiMaulo

Student Photos - Carla Sullivan

Teacher Appreciation - Aaron Block & Benita Kapadia

Wellness Day - Terri Wiatrak

6th Grade Photo Book - Benita Kapadia

7th Community Service - Shubha Mehrotra

Webmaster - Lija Znakina

8th Grade Chairs:

Carnival - Katrina Dudley & Evelyn Tantalean

Memory Show

RHS "SCOOP" Night - Katrina Dudley

Promotion Party - Lynne Dewhurst-McBurney & Vanessa Lee

Promotion Reception - Nina Ezik

Community Representatives:

Friends Of The Library - Lynne Dewhurst-McBurney

Friends Of Music - Aaron Block

Safety Policy

TIC TOC Reps - Grace Kang

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