September 22, 2021

George Washington Home & School Association

Meeting Minutes


ATTENDEES : Dr. Solomon, Tasneem Patrawala, Michelle Stewart, Caron Katz, Lauren DiMaulo, Tori Schoeler, Heather Zarnett-Letscher, Catherine Doolan, Mark Bruno, Karyn Schoenberg, Puja Nair, Shubha Mehrotra, Pilar Segura, Melanie Amores, Jill Grillo, Jill Williams, Lynne McBurney, Elizabeth Rottinger, Maria Sanchez, Grace, Cathy Hamilton, Gokce Sezgin, Avaniben Patel.


Call to Order 1:33 pm


Principal Report- Dr. Gene Solomon (interim substitute for Dr.  Kashmanian)




~updates on general student feelings, and emotions with return to school- so far school year off to a good start with usual adjustments as expected


~Back to School Night protocol overview - event will take place Thursday, 9/23 and begin at 7:30pm sharp


-Question- what if more than one child in family is student?  Can more than one parent attend?  Dr. Solomon response- Only one parent should attend, and alternate classes as appropriate 


-GW activities and clubs starting soon- reminder to encourage kids to try something new


-Sixth grade camp this week- 9/21 for Monroe Students and 9/22 for Godwin Students


-Testing- early October-  formative assessments to be used as guide to find out where students are with  learning

-Reminder of Importance for kids to self advocate if there are issues or problems and contact school personnel as necessary 


Tasneem Patrawala- President GW HSA 


-Board Introductions 


-Dues payments currently at 29%- important to pay dues to support HSA initiatives


-Community service- 7th and 8th grade will be participating this year-


-Parent/Staff Coordinators:

Jessica Franklin

Danielle Nugent

Tasneem Patrawala

Mr. Monaghan 


-Open to community service ideas

-Fair and or assembly end of October for kids to select from volunteer options

-10 hour requirement

-Looking for more volunteers including two additional chairs

-Hoping to add Virtual volunteering options


-Green Team 

-Chair- Kristin Daffron- goal is to earn bronze certification for GW, plan to o work with science teachers, plant gardens and kid-led initiatives 


-Photo Books 

-6th and 7th grade books this year

-Deadline 10/1


-Thank yous 


-birthday book program purchase reminder

-spirit wear overview/purchase reminder 

-Social media is live on Instagram, -Facebook and GroupSpot


Treasurer Report- Caron Katz


-PDF of financials presented


-Financials Approved by Tori Schoeler 

-Financials Seconded by Lauren DiMaulo


-Financials passed


VP Report- Lauren DiMaulo


-online directory updates in progress

-About 30% participation in dues payment; all paid families will have access to directory

- GroupSpot (Directory Company) working on all updates and as process is complete schools will go live with 2021-2022 version (date TBD)

-Ad space within directory available for purchase 


Secretary Report- Michelle Stewart


-Review of annual report flyer (shown on screen and available via email, social media and to be handed out at Back to School Night)


Planning and Development Report- Tori Schoeler


-Planning and Development co-chair is Catherine doolan


-confirmation that all items on 2020-2021 teacher wish lists were fulfilled via HSA funds 


-Auditorium Lighting Project

 fundraising update-  generous donations are being received, thank you for ongoing support

-Donations can be made via GW HSA website or via check

-there will be a table at Back to School night specifically highlighting planning and development/goals


Volunteers Report- Mark Bruno


-90 percent of HSA positions are filled

-Following up with contacts to complete assignments

-Welcome letter being sent to committee chairs

-Opportunities to discuss/answer questions at Back to School night 


Birthday Book/Gifting Update - Puja Nair


-Did not run during 2020-2021 year


-51 books purchased so far, deadline for purchase is 10/8


-Fun way to celebrate birthday within the school community; selection either picked by media center chair or chosen from catalogue

-book is given to student during their birthday month and commemorated 


Tic Toc Art Program Update


-GW art docent program - Shubha Mehrotra

-Tic toc is volunteer organization that provides art education in 17 schools, Tic Toc owns 30 painting collections and 18 special artifact collections that rotate through the school


-Monthly themes display in media center

-Volunteer parents come hang the paintings

-Student-driven art

-Events- Tic Toc Talks and Career fair where professionals come and talk


-Ideas welcome




Comment- Tasneem Patrawala- Please reach out with any suggestions to help with GW HSA  hybrid meeting logistics 


Question- Kristin Daffron- gym mask policy- vaccinated son was lightheaded after basketball in gym,  wearing mask after school hours- from a health standpoint how can we address.?   Answer Dr. Solomon- Dr. Solomon can only address logistics during  school hours and working w gym teachers take breaks, go outside, do gym activities outside.  After school hours not under her jurisdiction-  open to suggestions to help this challenge


Meeting Adjourned 2:27pm


Next GW HSA meeting to take place October 20, 2021 at 1:30pm.


May 19, 2021