March 17, 2021

George Washington Home & School Association

Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2021


Attendees: Juliane Cho, Maria Hutchinson, Tasneem Patrawala, Suzanne Laffey, Stacy Strohmenger, Elizabeth McCarthy, Christine Chanley, Karyn Schoenherr, Heather Letscher, Elizabeth Rottinger, Ashley Minetti, Laura Lee Johanan, Caren’s family, Alison Stephens, Nancy Brenner, Melanie Amores, JMR, Alyssa Fiol, Duncan’s mom, Tracy Cook, Julie Hamon


Call to Order:  1:32 PM


Principal’s Report, Dr. Kashmanian:

- Wished everyone Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

- Identified kids that are struggling emotionally and mentally and will start a mentoring program to help them connect better with the school. This program will have an adult as a mentor.

- Identified 8th graders who are academically struggling and planning to start a Saturday Academy from 9am-12pm at RHS. 1 ½ hours of English and 1 ½ hours of Math help by connecting with an adult. There 6th, 7th and larger group of 8th graders in this category. Working on staffing for a six week program.

- From April 19th onwards, kids will not be 6 ft apart but will be closer. Every desk will have a plexiglass and maybe kids can wear double masks.

- Teachers have gotten the vaccine, some 1st dose and some even the 2nd dose. At this point cannot confirm which teachers will be back in school. 

- Anything can change at any time.

- Kids may be able to have lunch.

- Optimistic about 8th grade promotion ceremony being held in person.

- Wants to let everyone know that the administration has been working on trying to get everyone back in school.


President’s Report, Juliane Cho:

- Motion approved for February 2021 minutes by Elizabeth McCarthy and  Maria Hutchinson 

- GW HSA will be hosting its very first Culture and Talent Show. Hoping many students will register. We also have a gallery option where students can send in photos. Opportunity for kids to see their friends. Our theme for this year is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We want to hear about your culture and stories passed down from generations.


- Groupspot is still accessible and available to purchase. Push notifications go out through Groupspot.

- Book Fair - tentatively scheduled for June.  HSA will purchase a 10 x 20 ft tent and the fair will take 

place by the teacher’s parking lot. We will utilize the overhang space as well. 

- BF has invited GW to participate in a fundraiser through Varsity Hues. Currently you can buy a T-shirt RHS25 for our grads for $25.

- Trying to collect photos for memory slideshow for 8th graders. (Brett Sklar - bsklar@hartreepartners.com)

-R/Strong merchandise on sale. Visit https://www.gwhsa.org/shop to make a  purchase. 

-Yearbook - Photos should be emailed to Stephanie Dodd - sdodd@ridgewood.k12.nj.us.  Especially for those who have 8th Graders. 

-Carnival & Glow Party for 8th graders will not take place.

- Thank you to all the parents for supporting our Ben n Jerry’s fundraiser.


VPs report, Tasneem Patrawala:

TIC TOC (To Introduce Culture To Our Children) is a non profit organization. GW is affiliated with TIC TOC in addition to 16 other member schools in Ridgewood and neighboring towns. The goal of TIC TOC is to provide art enrichment to its member schools. This year TIC TOC has launched a speaker series called TIC TOC Talks that are basically conversations with professionals in a creative field. Our premiere talk is by Dani Spies who is a Youtube Cooking channel host and culinary artist. Our latest talk is by David Lovas, who is a motion creator and video animator!  Dávid specializes in non-narrative motion pictures as a fine art medium.  He has created promotional videos and animations and directed many documentaries and music videos.  His video installations, often combined with performance and digital art, can be found in museums, galleries and corporate headquarters. Pls share these videos with your middle schoolers in an effort to fuel interest in art related careers.



Treasurer’s Report, Suzanne Laffey:

Motion approved for January 31st financials by Elizabeth McCarthy and Maria Hutchinson.

Planning & Development Report, Maria Hutchinson:

- Thank you to everyone for making our Ben n Jerry’s fundraiser a success. 


- Planning a pavers fundraiser for spring and will send an email to all the parents after spring break.


- Also considering redoing past pavers that have worn off.


Additional Information:

-61 FOGW donations totalling $6,175 year to date as of 2/28/21

- GWHSA Paid for hot chocolate for teachers and for all remaining students. 


Meeting adjourned: 2:04 PM


Next Meeting: April 21 at 1:30 PM


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