May 19, 2021

George Washington Home & School Association

Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Juliane Cho, Tasneem Patrawala, Amy Kahn, Suzanne Laffey, Elizabeth McCarthy,Elizabeth

Rottinger, Esther Zuckerman, Maria Hutchinson, Melanie Amores, Tori Schoeler, Rebecca Rubenstein


Call to Order: 1:30 PM

Principal’s Report, Mr. Piacenza (Dr. Kashmanian):

● June 7th - virtual presentation (for parents) on Vaping from 7:00 PM- 8:00 PM by Tim

Shoemaker. He will also be talking with students at another time

● The 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony will be happening. It may be outside at RHS or inside at

GWMS (with outside seating and a large screen for families who don’t feel comfortable sitting

inside or who have not been vaccinated). Still waiting to see final CDC and Village of Ridgewood

guidelines and restrictions before making a final decision.

● Field Day - surprise event for 8th graders. We will practice social distancing, minimal handling of

equipment and have hand sanitizers readily available for students

● Junetoberfest for - 6th & 7th graders (on separate days). Surprise for these grades. We will

practice social distancing, minimal handling of equipment and have hand sanitizers readily

available for students

● Free Virtual event on June 10 from 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM on “Positive Self Talk and Body Image”

for all students. The event is hosted by Christine D’ercole, a global track cycling champion and

Peloton instructor.


President’s Report, Juliane Cho:

Motion approved for March 17, 2021 minutes by Tasneem Patrawala and Suzanne Laffey

● GW Culture and Talent Show participants were awarded with certificates and B&J gift cards

● Teacher Appreciation Week - overwhelming amount of thank you’s from teachers. Daily treats

included snack baskets, Starbucks gift cards, catered lunch, cookies, custom labeled hand

sanitizers, etc.

● Book Fair will be June 1 - 4 (outside under a tent) from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM - 5:00

PM on June 2nd. Can also shop online. Parents can sign-up and pay through eWallet. Will

follow CDC guidelines by limiting the number of students at a time and maintaining social


● 8th Grade Promotion Event will be at Paramus Pool on June 22nd. Rain date June 23rd. We will

continue to follow CDC guidelines. Waivers not necessary because we have insurance.

● 8th Grade commemorative T-shirts & Banners are being sold.

● 8th Grade RHS25 Graduation - are ready for pick-up. Tables will be set-up outside the school on

Tuesday, May 25th.

● Thank you everyone for all your support this year (board members, teachers, students)


Treasurer’s Report, Suzanne Laffey:

Motion approved for April 2021 financials by Tasneem Patrawala and Maria Hutchinson.

Additional information:

61 Friends of GW donations totalling $6,174 year to date as of 4/31/2021. Goal is $10k, we are 62%

there (no new donations since March 2021).

Parents donated a total of $2,937 for our GW teachers this year.


Planning & Development Report, Maria Hutchinson

Pavers fundraiser - sending out a flyer for anyone who wants to purchase a paver to leave their mark.


Meeting adjourned: 2:07 PM


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