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For peace in our world and everyone to be treated equally no matter the circumstances

For everyone to be accepted regardless of their differences

For everyone to respect and love one another. I hope for no judgement against people and hatred

For everyone to e happy and healthy


For people to stop judging people, who they like or what they want to be called

For everyone to respect each other for who they are

To have world peace

For everyone to be kind to each other

To not judge people by race and ethnicity and treat everyone as people

People to come together to focus on one greater good

For everyone to help and support each other

For world hunger to stop and for global warming to stop

World peace, kindness, no more ward, treat everyone the way you want to be treated

Stopping racism

For countries to not fight and for there to be world peace

For everyone to make friends and for friends not to judge


That everyone would put others before themselves

For every country in the world to accept human rights

For everyone to accept each other for who they are

For people to stop littering and leaving trash

For world pollution to stop and for world hunger to stop

To stop racism

For people to stop fighting

I want everyone to love who they want to be without being punished. LGBTQIA+ rights for everyone.

Accepting others differences

For everyone to put aside their differences and accept each other as humans

Volunteer for poor society people. Love and respect each other. Helping each other

For everyone to have a house and not be homeless

For people to stop judging others by the way they look

For people to accept each other no matter what and stop being haters

For everyone to be treated the same

For people to be more open minded

For everyone to have human rights and be able to experience mallows hierarchy of needs

For more people to do small acts of kindness

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