October 21, 2020

Attendees: Attendees Juliane Cho, Amy Kahn, Suzanne Laffey, Tori Schoeler, Stacy Strohmenger,

Elizabeth McCarthy, Maria Hutchinson, Tasneem Patrawala, Karyn Schoenherr, Cara Murray, Abby

Dunnigan, Allison Teller, Caren Langheim, Christine Chanley, Elizabeth Rottiner, Barbara Clarke, Heather

Zachariah, Jaimie Davis, Julie Hamon, Julie Stadulis, Kate Kim, Laura Yohanan, Melanie Amores, Michael

Flynn, Nancy Brenner, Pilar Segura, Rebecca Rubenstein, Elizabeth Timofeeva, Devy Donuts


Call to Order: 1:33 PM

President’s Report, Juliane Cho:

Motion approved for October minutes by Elizabeth McCarthy & Tasneem Patrawala


Village Table Fundraiser - currently have 54 members signed-up.

354 members in Group Spot.

42% HSA Dues paid

Teacher Grab & Go Breakfast was a big success!


Teacher wish list items have all been fulfilled. This includes wireless keyboard and mouse, wrist rest,

standing desk top converters, microphones, laptop stands, voice amplifiers, webcams, bluetooth

headset and earbuds with microphones.

Shout out to Ann Brown, Media Specialist, for her help with teacher’s wish list items.


Spiritwear sales ongoing. Visit GWHSA.org for items to purchase. New items on sales for holidays.

March 15 (tentative date) book fair


Principal’s Report, Dr. Kashmanian:

GWMS will be temporarily closed until Monday, November 30th, 2020 because of two unrelated COVID

cases that could not be traced to the origin as per the Department of Health.

GWMS is being cleaned and disinfected during temporary closure

We have not had any COVID cases that have originated from inside the school. All cases are from

outside activities.

We have started to live stream announcements each day. Link on website.

Philosophical Fridays started on November 20th.


Clubs started (virtually). The activity fee covers all clubs and students can switch between clubs

throughout the year.

Thank you for your support during this difficult and crazy time.

GWMS Nurse, Julie Stadulis, RN-NJ-CSN

We are following CDC guidelines and Dept of Health regulations

Working hand-in-hand with the Department of Health with contact tracing.

COVID cases are not coming from inside the school. Cases are from outside sports, social gathering, and

parents who work outside of the home.

When a student is absent, Julie calls parents to confirm symptoms.

Urgent Care, Midland Park and PM Pediatrics have test available with limited lines


Treasurer’s Report, Suzanne Laffey:

Motion approved for October 31st financials by Tori Schoeler & Tasneem Patrawala


Other: 3 Directory Ads paid for, waiting on payment for 2 more Ads


Next meeting 01.20.2020

Meeting adjourned: 2:14 PM


October 21, 2020
September 23, 2020

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