September 23, 2020

Attendees: Juliane Cho, Amy Kahn, Suzanne Laffey, Tori Schoeler, Stacy Strohmenger, Elizabeth

McCarthy, Susan Goklani, Maria Hutchinson, Kristen Coneen, Tasneem Patrawala, Kristin Plumley, Iva

Sebestyan, Stephens Family, Andre Johnson, Ashley Minetti, Barbara Clarke, Caren Langheim, Debra

Burns, Roopa Saggar, Elizabeth Rottinger, Gina Yoon-Chung, Hamid Reza, Heather Zarnett, Jason Dorin,

Karyn Schoenherr, Laurie Lee, Melanie Amores, Patrick McDonnell, Pilar Segura , Rebecca Rubenstein,

Daria Linnington, Tracey Cook


Call to Order: 1:33 PM

Juliane Cho, President opening:

Welcome attendees and introductions of board members; Juliane Cho, Tasneem Patrawala, Maria

Hutchinson, Amy Kahn, Stacy Strohmenger, Suzanne Laffey, Elizabeth McCarthy, and Tori Schoeler

Motion approved for June minutes by Tasneem Patrawala & Stacy Strohmenger


Principal’s Report, Dr Kashmanian:

Student safety is our priority. We are continuing to ensure students are wearing their masks and social



Published new schedule

- Still part of Phase I (just a modified schedule)

- The purpose of the original 80 minute block schedule was to limit the amount of exposure for

teachers and students

- The switch to a 4 day schedule with 60 minute blocks, will allow teachers to see their students

every three out of four days. Teachers and students welcome the new schedule


Working on a plan for Phase II

- Ongoing discussion about moving to Phase II; a full day schedule, every other day

- Encourage everyone to fill out the Phase I survey. Responses will go to the pandemic response

team (see below).


Pandemic Response Team

- Meets regularly (three times to date)

- Made up of parents, crisis counselors, teachers, guidance counselors, assistant principal,

GWHSA President and others

- Topics include - school safety, mental health, coming up with ideas to try to make school more

fun for students without compromising safety, etc.

- Team will gather the feedback, from the surveys, to formulate a plan for phase II


Launching virtual club fair on October 6th.


REACH has been added to our motto. We are now RESPECT, RESILIENCE & REACH


Twitter account - GW@RPS


President’s Report, Juliane Cho:

Please fill-out the pandemic feedback form.

Launched new mobile directory through Group Spot. It’s a free app for all parents. It will contain

important school information; news alerts, school calendar, updates, etc. This is a supplement to the

GW ENews, not a replacement, so please continue to follow ENews. We will also be promoting ad sales

through Group Spot

HSA Dues - 152 parents paid (this includes access to the student directory)

Spiritwear sales - closing on Friday, September 25th

Photo Day - Friday, September 25th for last name’s ending in A-K and Monday, October 5th for last

name’s ending in L-Z.


Please sign-up with Amazon Smile - A percentage of proceeds go to GW.

Treasurer’s Report, Suzanne Laffey:

Motion approved for July & August financials by Stacy Strohmenger & Tasneem Patrawala


Planning and Development Report, Maria Hutchinson

FOGW funds this year funds will go toward supplies for the teacher’s classrooms to alleviate day-to-day

challenges, i.e microphones , standing desks, etc.

We will continue to evaluate fundraising activities as we progress through the phases.

We will be selling pavers in the Spring


Tasneem Patrawala, Vice President

We are exploring an opportunity to fundraise through The Village Table, a platform where you order

food from local vendors and Village Table will deliver to you or you can pick-up curbside. They handle all

customer service. We earn 50% of net sales.

Meeting adjourned 2:16 pm

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